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Amazon's streaming service Twitch has become one of the most important platforms in the video game industry. It's a place where players can build community with each other, celebrate the hottest games, and learn about the newest online trends.

Millions of viewers tune in every day for completely different reasons; some watch to improve their own play, while others simply enjoy the entertainment that comes from watching their favorite players. Twitch is home to individual players, game publishers, and esports organizations, and every type of creator makes use of the platform in different ways.

The most successful streamers on Twitch command millions of viewers and can parlay their popularity into business opportunities. Some publishers are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have their game on a top stream for a handful of hours. Beyond sponsorships, popular streamers can also earn a living from paid subscriptions and viewer donations. Reaching the top of Twitch often means dedicating tons of time to the most popular games, like "Fortnite," and "League of Legends," but a handful of successful streamers have been able to build an audience that's willing to follow them from game to game.

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These are the 10 most popular channels on Twitch, based on their follower counts:. Ninja is the most famous professional gamer in the world, with nearly twice as many followers as the second-most-popular streamer on Twitch. While his rise to stardom is closely tied to "Fortnite," he's been competing in different first-person shooters for more than a decade.

However on August 1,Ninja announced that he would stop streaming on Twitch as a part of an exclusive partnership with Microsoft's Mixer streaming platform. Now that he's left Twitch, we've moved him out of the number one spot. Lupo is a Nebraska-based streamer who's best known for playing "Fortnite.

If the mustache and mullet don't make it obvious, Dr. Disrespect one of the most outrageous characters on Twitch. He specializes in first-person shooting games like "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," "Apex Legends," and "Call of Duty," and enjoys entertaining viewers with his macho persona.


While he's well-known for first-person shooters, Summit1g has recently spent most of his stream time playing "World of Warcraft," with a mix of games like "Grand Theft Auto V" and Sea of Thieves" for fun. He's also been trying the new first-person shooter "Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Like many of the top streamers, TimTheTatman is best known for playing "Fortnite," but he also mixes in casual play sessions for games like "World of Warcraft," "Brawl Stars," and "Overwatch. Riot Games' "League of Legends" is one of the most popular games in the world and its esports leagues attract millions of viewers around the world. Myth is the captain of Team Solo Mid's "Fortnite" squad, one of the most successful organizations playing competitive "Fortnite.

Earlier this year sued his former team, FaZe Clan, over a player contract he claims is illegal. Tfue is known for his casual streaming style, and while he was with FaZe Clan he appeared in the team's popular YouTube vlogs. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

twitch sub count

Kevin Webb. Honorable mention: Ninja — Lupo — 3.Twitch has over million active monthly viewers watching millions of hours of content —and much of that viewership is focused around esports titles and their respective events. That puts his total subscriber count at 85, and climbing, as hundreds of people continue to subscribe even during his offline periods. Amazon Prime members number million and counting, with each account receiving a Twitch Prime account, that allows them to subscribe for free to one broadcaster per month.

With its subscriptions accounting for a significant portion of its income, there are emerging concerns that this could be a case of accounts being compromised or bots being used to inflate subscription numbers. Other streamers such as Guy, better known as ShortyyGuy, have also taken note of this steep rise in subscribers. Concerned that the subscriptions come from unknown viewers, who neither feature in the channel viewer list or the chat room, they speculate that the sharp rise in subscriptions come from compromised Amazon Prime accounts and bots.

As the numbers continue to rise, more streamers could start to express concern. The Esports Observer has reached out to Amazon for a statement on this issue. Riot Games has revealed its esports plans for auto-battler Teamfight Tactics. The Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship will feature 16 players Australia and New Zealand moved Even in India, Monday, April 13, Login Register.

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How to Add a Twitch Viewer Count to OBS Studio

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Login Sign Up Cart.Hi, So I am trying to make a command for a streamer. I want to do a! Thank you! I tried that and got this response. When I originally tested that code, I added it through the Nightbot. See the image below for what command actually gets added when you add the command through Twitch chat:. Hi, sorry if this is annoying you, but when I tried your code it just gave me the subcount without subtracting the three extra viewers. Thank you for all of your help so far! I really appreciate it.

His version is needlessly verbose anyways, since you know that there are always at least three subs. It is not needlessly verbose. This topic was automatically closed 14 days after the last reply.

New replies are no longer allowed. Adjusted Subscriber Count on Twitch Nightbot. Adjusted Subscriber Count Broken. This code should work:! Slikrick July 12,pm 4. You have to contact twitch partner support and ask to give nightbot a free sub. See the image below for what command actually gets added when you add the command through Twitch chat: xB0HonI.

Slikrick July 15,am 8. If you use this it should work. Slikrick July 15,am Yes, I forgot to add the - 3 in my above code. This is the correct code:!Ninja, the current most popular live streamer and the face of Fortnitehas fallen in subscriptions to the point where he's reportedly no longer in "first place.

Summ1G is a variety streamer, meaning he plays any number of games month-to-month, but focuses on competitive multiplayer games.

Returning to Sea of ThievesSummit1G brought that aggressive, competitive mentality with him. He's well known for sneaking aboard enemy ships, hiding, and then either sabotaging them in a dire moment or robbing them blind when they're not looking.

This brand of gameplay, or at least Summit1G's dedication to hit, has proven extremely popular on Twitch. Though, to be fair, some of Summit1G's actions have been described as griefing and his brand of expletive-laden smack talk is creating some controversy within the typically easygoing Sea of Thieves community.

Nevertheless, Summit1G's popularity has created a surge on Twitch for the game, with more streamers joining the trend every day. Note that Summit1G's advantage is limited entirely to subscriptions, which are premium and grant access to exclusive emotes while removing ads.

Ninja still has a staggering 13 million to 3. But with regards to subscriptions, which tend to denote a streamer's dedicated viewer base, Summit1G has taken the lead.

To keep things in perspective, as of April Ninja reached a peak of oversubscribers. His numbers have fallen as of late while the competition for streaming Fortnite has grown significantly and viewers lean towards streamers more to their taste. Twitch itself doesn't release official subscriber counts, so TwitchStats is as reliable of reporting that there is.

Source: TwitchStats. Share Tweet Email 0. Resident Evil 4 Remake Reportedly in the Works. Obsidian Details How it Created Grounded.Twitch is clearly the live-streaming platform of choice for gamers. Top Twitch streamers can make a full-time living on the platform, and many have built massive fanbases.

Favorite streamers can make money in a variety of waysbut one of the most popular methods is via subscribers to their channels. The advantage of subscriptions to a Twitch streamer is that it is a recurring form of income. A fan of a channel can opt to subscribe to it if the steamer is a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

You are effectively agreeing to make them a regular monthly donation.

twitch sub count

This is different from following somebody, where no money changes hand. You can also use the tool below to check a Twitch Streamer's Sub Count. While most people subscribe to a channel to give support to a favorite streamer, they do receive some perks in return.

The most common ones are:. In Mid, Twitch extended their subscription system. Streamers usually list the perks for each subscription tier on their channel page. People can choose to pay their subscriptions monthly, or in three or six-month blocks. However, we do offer a tool that allows you to discover the number of subscribers your favorite streamers have.

So who are the Twitch streamers with the most streamers? We recently checked out the most popular Twitch streamers, in terms of subscribers. Note that these numbers constantly change so the exact subscriber numbers will be different by the time you read this. Ninja is an American Twitch streamer and Internet personality. His real name is Richard Tyler Blevins.

He heads the league tables for both most Twitch subscribers and most Twitch followers. Ninja has played video games professionally sinceinitially playing Halo 3 for various eSports teams.

He began streaming inplaying H1Z1. He joined Luminosity Gaming in When he began streaming Fortnite his viewer numbers soared. In Aprilduring the event Ninja VegasNinja set a Twitch record, withlive viewers. He left professional eSports in April His departure from professional gaming has not slowed his streaming, however. He continues to stream full-time on Twitch. Twitch Stream: twitch. As well as having the third most twitch subscribers, TimTheTatman has the 17 th most watched Twitch channel overall, the 20 fastest growing overall channel, and the fourth most-watched Fortnite channel.

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He has been streaming for about a year.Twitch subscriptions are a monthly payment made to Twitch Partners and Affiliates as a way for viewers to support their favorite channels. Subscribers are given a variety of premium perks such as special emoticons emotes to use in a stream's chat roomwhile the streamer gains a recurring source of income that can help pay their streaming and living expenses. Subscriptions are one of the more popular ways to make money on Twitch. Following a channel on Twitch will add it to your follow list and display it on the front page of the Twitch website and apps when it's live.

Subscribing, on the other hand, is a way to support a Twitch channel financially by opting-in to regular monthly donations. While most viewers subscribe to channels mainly to support their favorite streamer, there are also several tangible benefits to opting-in to the recurring monthly payment. Many of these benefits vary from channel to channel, however, so it's always worth reading a Twitch streamer's channel page in full before subscribing to make sure you know exactly what you're getting.

Subscriptions are available to streamers on Twitch who are either a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. Statuses are rewarded to users who actively broadcast several times a week.

Plus, Twitch streamers have a consistent and loyal viewership. Subscriptions are incredibly important for streamers since they provide them with a source of recurring income that snowballs month-over-month as more viewers opt-in to subscribe. While Twitch Partners tend to have more features in general than Affiliates, the subscription feature is identical between the two account types and works in the same way.

The only difference between a Twitch Affiliate and a Partner in regards to subscriptions is emotes: Twitch Partners can create more. There are three tiers for Twitch subscriptions, all of which are designed around a monthly payment schedule. Twitch has been known to increase this amount for popular streamers to encourage them to remain on the Twitch platform, with some being upgraded to anywhere from 60— percent of the monthly fee. To subscribe to a Twitch channel, you need to visit it in a web browser on a computer.

You can't subscribe to a Twitch channel via any of the official mobile or video game console apps, and only channels which are run by Twitch Partners and Affiliates will display a subscribe option to viewers. On the channel page, select Subscribelocated above the video player in the top-right corner. A small box will appear with options to subscribe via Twitch Prime more on that below or with a payment.

If you're not already signed in to Twitch, you'll be asked to do so now.

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If you sign in at this point, you might have to repeat the steps above while logged on. Fill out your payment preference on the pop-up screen. You can pay by credit card or PayPalor choose More Methods for some other options like gift cards, cash, and cryptocurrencies. Twitch Prime is a premium membership that provides members with an ad-free viewing experience across all Twitch channels, exclusive emotes and badges, and free digital content for video games.

To redeem this free Twitch Prime subscription, simply follow the steps for the paid subscription mentioned above but instead of choosing a money option, pick Start Your Free Trial.Updated: September 26, Want to see how many people are watching your Twitch stream live? Perhaps you want to share with viewers the number of people watching, which is beneficial if someone is using full-screen to watch you.

The process is quite simple, so I am confident this will also work in earlier and later versions of OBS Studio. This is a free system of tools that is full of add-ons and elements to bring your live broadcast to life. This will show you all the different things you can do to your live stream through OBS.

In this section, you have a myriad of things you can do to the Twitch viewer count to enhance your live stream. Make the adjustments you want for the viewer count. This includes things like the font, font size, weight, color and adding custom CSS — if you choose. I suggest pasting this in Notepad or another doc app for safekeeping.

Twitch Counter Stats

You can also click to unlock the URL so you can see it immediately. This is locked by default in the event you accidentally show the screen during a live broadcast. Give the source a new name. A new window will open and show you a few customizable settings. Now, there are several other settings you can modify in this screen. For example, you may want your width and height at a different default size.

If you know the settings you want to use, you can change them now. However, I am going to keep this as basic as possible. And now we see a Twitch viewer count in our OBS stream. The default box size for OBS is somewhat unwieldy. When you use the resize feature in OBS, it will constrain proportions for the content within the box.

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This means that when you make the OBS source box smaller, the contents will get smaller as well. For example, the Twitch viewer count appears smaller when shrinking the box with the resize option.

Subscriber Count (Twitch)

This is the red lines you can use to reshape the box in OBS. This ability works great for images, video cameras and other elements. This helps keep the layout of your video clean and easy to manage. With the Twitch viewer count source selected, click the gear icon at the bottom.

Change the width and height to something more manageable.

twitch sub count

For instance, the Twitch viewer count on my stream is set to x This is wide enough to count up to more than a thousand while being tall enough to see.


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